Landowners Applaud Merkley for Announcing Opposition to Jordan Cove Gas Pipeline, Terminal

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 8, 2017

For additional contact:

Ron Schaaf, Klamath County 541-601-7929

Bob Barker, Jackson County 541-878-5371

Clarence Adams, Douglas County 541-817-9704

Francis Eatherington, Douglas County 541-643-1309

Landowners across Southern Oregon affected by the proposed Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline cheered Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley’s announcement opposing the pipeline and the Jordan Cove terminal project. Douglas County’s Clarence Adams of Landowners United stated, “The hundreds of landowners who have been under the threat of eminent domain for over a decade were thrilled to hear Senator Merkley’s announcement. We look forward to working closely with the Senator to stop this project once and for all.”

Landowners call on Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden to join with Senator Merkley in opposing this foreign corporation exploiting Oregon’s private property owners and environment so Canadian-sourced gas can be liquefied and shipped to Asia for private shareholder profits. Long-time opponents and landowners in Klamath County, Ron Schaaf and Deb Evans were delighted when the news reached them. Evans stated, “Senator Merkley could not have stated better why Jordan Cove has no place in Oregon’s future. As one of many landowners threatened with eminent domain, we are deeply grateful and welcome the Senator’s help to end this 12-year nightmare and transition Oregon to a clean energy future.” Schaaf added: “This is Senator Merkley’s ‘Tom McCall’ moment–standing up for property rights and against excessive corporate overreach. Thank you Senator Merkley, now let’s finish the job.”