Elected Official Sign On

The following local, state, provincial and tribal leaders have endorsed the principles expressed in Portland’s Fossil Fuel Resolution — that fossil fuels pose inherent health and safety dangers throughout their entire life cycle  — and commit to creating similar restrictions on new fossil fuel infrastructure in their jurisdictions.

Charlie Hales, former Mayor of Portland, OR

Amanda Fritz, City Commissioner Portland, OR

Steven Novick, former City Commissioner, Portland, OR

Dan Saltzman, City Commissioner, Portland, OR

Nick Fish, City Commissioner, Portland, OR

Peter Buckley, former State Representative, House District 5, Ashland, OR

Biff Traber, Mayor of Corvallis, OR

Zachariah Baker, former City Councilor, Corvallis, OR

Kitty Piercy, formerMayor of Eugene, OR

Pete Sorenson, Lane County Commissioner, Eugene, OR

Paul Blackburn, Mayor of Hood River, OR

Peter Cornelison, City Commissioner, Hood River, OR

Kate McBride, City Council President, Hood River, OR

Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukie, OR

Arlene Burns, Mayor of Mosier, OR

Emily Reed, City Council President, Mosier, OR

Bill Hall, Chair, Lincoln County Commission, Newport, OR

Susan Conn, City Councilor, St. Helens, OR

Paulette Lichatowich, Commissioner and Treasurer, Port of St. Helens, OR

Darby Stricker, Mayor of Talent, OR

Michael Lilliquist, City Council Member, Bellingham, WA

Richard R. Pennant, Councilmember, Hoquiam, WA

Stephen H. Buxbaum, former Mayor of Olympia, WA

Nathaniel Jones, Councilor and Mayor Pro Tem of Olympia, WA

E.J. Zita, Commissioner, District 3, Port of Olympia, WA


Kshama Sawant, City Council, Seattle, WA

Jon Snyder, former City Councilor, Spokane, WA

Ben Stuckart, City Council President, Spokane, WA

Monica Masco, former City Councilor, Stevenson, WA

Eric LaBrant, Commissioner, Port of Vancouver, WA

Paula Waters, Councilmember, Woodenville, WA

Shannon Williamson, City Council President, Sand Point, Idaho

Tom Butt, Mayor of Richmond, CA

Gayle McLaughlin, Councilmember and former mayor, Richmond, CA

R Rex Parris, Mayor of Lancaster, CA

Paul Koretz, Councilmember, Los Angeles, CA

Heidi Harmon, Mayor, San Luis Obispo, CA

Helene Schneider, Mayor of Santa Barbara, CA

Das Williams, Member, Santa Barbara, CA Board of Supervisors

Morgan Goodwin, Mayor of Truckee, CA

Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver, B.C.

Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament, Leader of Green Party of Canada



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